Boudoir Photography

No models were starved in the making of this boudoir website. All images are of real life customers, with real life bodies, just like yours. In order to preserve the discretion necessary with boudoir photography, many images have identifying aspects removed. Thank you to my customers who have allowed me to showcase their images!

Classy Boudoir in Lakeland FL

Classy Boudoir in Lakeland FL

Oh , the fun we are going to have with our new mirror prop in the studio!

Classy Boudoir Photo

Classy Boudoir Photography in Central Florida

Over 54K Pins on Pinterest and Growing!

I saw a friend of mine post his most popular photo from Pinterest. I got curious, so I had to go and see which of my images was the most popular image on Pinterest.  How was it holding its own in the broad category that is boudoir? WOW!!  Over 54,000 boudoir boards have my shot on them; I sure didn’t expect that.  I can’t wait to tell the lady that owns these legs just how popular they are. LOL

Tampa and Orlando Boudoir

It is not uncommon to get calls from ladies in Tampa and Orlando, looking for boudoir photography. Many of them find me through word of mouth from a friend or on Google searches. Here’s a little sneak peek of one of last week’s beauties!


New Facebook Cover Vote

Hey everybody!  I’m going to be changing my Facebook cover photo for Oh La La Boudoir Photography and thought I would get your opinions as to which one you like best.  Let the voting begin by commenting below.