Hi everybody – I’m Marti! Ask anyone that knows me and they’ll tell you that I’m a very casual person who likes to laugh and “cut up”. I figure if you can’t have fun doing something then it isn’t worth doing because life truly is too short! (The older I get, the more I believe that…!)

With boudoir photography, more-so than any other genre, so much is dependent on the relationship between the photographer and the subject. If you are not relaxed and at ease, it will show in your photos. There is a level of trust and respect that is unparalleled in any other genre of photography. Boudoir photography also relies heavily on the photographer knowing their craft. Light and shadow determine what is shown or accented and also what is hidden.

Marti Newkirk is a Certified Professional Photographer with her Master Photographer degree based in Central Florida. She is an international award winning member of Professional Photographers of America, Secretary of the Florida Professional Photographers and is a Past President of the Professional Photographers Guild of Mid Florida. Marti is also an active member and co-organizer of the local camera clubs, The Lakeland Shooters and Tampa Modeling Photography Association.

Typically on a photography website, you see photos of models.


The images on this site are of real life customers who have allowed me to share a few images. Only real customers, just like you. I have several more samples that I have permission to show only in person, because due to the nature of boudoir photography, most of the images are intended for the eyes of only one other person.  Discretion is, and will always be, my top priority for my customers.


Professionally trained in posing and lighting to bring attention to your very best features, and pull it away from your least favorite!


Full discretion at all times with your most private images. The images you see on my website and in my studio have been approved by the subject and used only with permission.


Years of experience photographing boudoir sessions for ladies of all shapes and sizes.