One of the most satisfying things for me is to hear what my ladies say when they see their photos and what their husbands say to me after they see their books. Have a look at these testimonials from past customers and/or the gift recipient.

Here’s an audio file from a happy customer – she secretly recorded it with her phone when she gave him his gift of a boudoir book. You might have to turn up your speakers a bit:

From the ladies:

Miss Marti made my session VERY enjoyable! She makes sure that you’re relaxed and comfortable in the setting. She’s great about using her knowledge and skill while still accommodating to the type of image that you want. I was extremely happy with her service as well as with my photo book. She made me look like a million bucks! And my husband sure agreed. Thank you so much for a great experience and I will definitely be seeing you again!

I had an absolute wonderful experience with this! I found Marti through Google, and I’m glad I did! Marti made me feel comfortable and ensured I was happy with the poses and photos! I got my nails and hair done prior and did my own makeup. Also, I bought my outfits off of Amazon Prime. Target has some cute and decently priced lingerie as well! Oh! And, my husband absolutely enjoyed his anniversary gift!!! Overall, my experience was so awesome that I keep telling friends that they need to get a book done! And the price was perfect for what was all included in my All of Me package.

I can’t express how relaxed and comfortable I felt with Marti. She truly had a genuine gift not only of photographic skills but to bring out the best beauty possible with lighting and posing. If you ever wanted to do a session, don’t wait until the time is perfect, your body is perfect, seize the moment and Marti will take care of the rest! Truly thankful and so is hubby:)-Heather

Did a Boudoir session with Oh La La Boudoir for my husbands birthday. Was absolutely a blast. The photographer was an absolute professional, knew which posses would look best and completely patient with being a bit shy in front a camera. The pictures are great. I would totally do it again.

I did my very first boudoir session for my soon-to-be husband’s wedding gift and am very happy with the results! Marti did a wonderful job keeping my comfortable and happy during the shoot and was even playing my favorite pandora station (as she asked for music I like to listen to) and that helped even more. She is very good at what she does and really nice. My book was printed super fast and it turned out amazing! I’m excited to show my future husband on our wedding day. It’s well worth the money to do this!

Marti I absolutely love love love my book!!!! You did a wonderful job! Thank you so much. I know ********* is going to love it!

Wow, I’m speechless! Amazing work! Thank you again and again for EVERYTHING. You have unbelievable talent and you made me feel so comfortable and beautiful! I can’t wait for the book to be here!! XOXO

**** was smiling from ear to ear looking at the book! Awesome job, Marti! He wants to carry it around and show everyone, ‘that’s my wife!’ Lol! Of course, he’s not going to. But I’ll guarantee our close friends will see it.

Wow! I have no words. You are very good at what you do. I am surprised that’s me! It’s a good surprise.

You did a great job.  Thank you so much!

Really, that’s me?  That’s really me?  Oh my god – you must’ve spent hours on this picture to make me look like this. (I had to show her the before shot, just to prove that I didn’t really do all that much to the photo, then……)   Oh wow! I had no idea I looked like that!

As silly as it sounds, the other day was therapeutic for me.  I have always had a body image problem and that day I felt like a beautiful, feminine woman.  It was liberating for me!  Thanks again for all of the encouraging words and great shots!  It was an experience to remember.

Thank You Thank You Thank you for making me look gorgeous!!!  I am so excited about seeing them all. I really had a great time. Thank you again!!!

**** loved the book. He couldn’t believe that we did that but he said he was glad we did. Thank you so much, the photos have given me a new self confidence. I appreciate that most of all.

Oh my God, he’s ruined!   He can’t wait to check his email everyday for his new photo.   Thank you!

I love it! It’s awesome….Go ahead and order it. Thank you – the layout is awesome!

From husbands:

Marti took pictures of my wife and they created a book from them. These pictures are awesome. My wife has never looked sexier. Marti really knows what she is doing. Trust me, your husband will love getting a gift like this from you. If he seems concerned just reassure him that Marti is a woman and he will be relieved!

There’s no way I would’ve ever guessed that she would do that. I’m telling you right now, she couldn’t have picked a better gift for me.  It’s perfect. And man, I’m telling you what, there’s not a man alive who wouldn’t want one of his wife. When you open that book and see your woman laying there – now, that’s just hot! I love it and I wouldn’t take nothing for it!! (Those of you that know him know that this is word-for-word! LOL)